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Paving Services in Colorado

Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc. offers a wide variety of paving services to residential and commercial customers. From repairs to installations, we do it all.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Cracked Pavement - Infrared Asphalt Repair in Wheat Ridge, CO
Infrared works best when applied to small pot holes, utility cuts, and wide cracks. It is also good for leveling frost heaves, seams, bird baths, adjusting manholes and water valves as well as creating swells in asphalt and patching tightly alligatored or cracked areas.
Infrared patching is not applicable to areas with severe sub-grade deformation, exposed pot holes, areas with gateloops, areas that are within 2 feet of painted metal or wood, areas inside of parking garages (due to height of truck), or areas adjoining landscape.

Truck Mounted Unit

Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc. uses a truck mounted unit instead of a trailer mounted unit. This setup allows for better mobility. Our truck-mounted unit includes an asphalt hopper, which holds up to 4 tons of virgin asphalt material.
Truck Mounted Unit - Infrared Asphalt Repair in Wheat Ridge, CO


Wood of Edge - Infrared Asphalt Repair in Wheat Ridge, CO
This picture shows a 4′ x 8′ infrared heating pan. According to Webster's New World Dictionary definition, infrared rays are “rays of light that are just beyond red in the spectrum. They cannot be seen, but they produce heat deep inside an object.” Infrared rays are generated in the heating unit, and directed to a specific location through a series of reflective panels.


After the area is properly heated and the asphalt is pliable, the crew uses a 4″ toothed rake to make the edges of the patch clean and straight. The softened asphalt is raked and agitated to homogenize the existing material between 2 and 3 inches in depth.

Adding New Material

The crew will remove any excess material if necessary. New 3/8″ minus hot asphalt material is added to the surface.


The asphalt is leveled with an asphalt lute to achieve the desired grade.


A minimum one-ton roller/compactor is mandatory to get the maximum density in the new patch. The edges of the patch are rolled first to create a compacted perimeter around the patch. The rest of the patch is then compacted with the vibratory roller. The finished product is a seamless patch due to the joint-free blending of asphalt by the thermal bonding process.

Crack Sealing

Sealing Cracked Concrete - Crack Sealing in Wheat Ridge, CO
Regular cracksealing is the best use of maintenance dollars. Keeping the water out of the sub-grade (the ground underneath the asphalt) helps prevent excessive cracking (alligatoring), which leads to potholes and eventually to complete pavement failure.


The cracks are cleaned of all dirt and loose rock with a compressed air wand (185 CFM trailer mounted compressor). The cracks must be clean and dry so a good bond can be created between the walls of the crack and the hot rubberized crackseal material. If excessive weeds have grown in the cracks, they will be killed with a sterile solution several days ahead of the cleaning process. If moisture is observed on the walls of the crack, a heat lance will be used to dry the cracks.
Parking Lot Cleaning - Crack Sealing in Wheat Ridge, CO


Concrete Pouring - Crack Sealing in Wheat Ridge, CO
The cracks are then sealed with hot rubberized crackseal material. The material's characteristics meet or exceed all CDOT 3405 specifications. The material is heated to approximately 390° F in an oil-jacketed chamber with an automated agitation system to assure a consistent material temperature.


The hot crackseal material is then squeegeed flush with the pavement creating a band of 3″ to 4″ in width. Some settling of the material may occur, but this does not affect the crackseal's performance.
NOTE: Be advised that this process will not fill your crack flush with the asphalt's surface. It is meant to seal the crack to keep out moisture.
Hot Crack Seal Material - Crack Sealing in Wheat Ridge, CO


Glenzoil Application - Crack Sealing in Wheat Ridge, CO
The Glenzoil application is used under special circumstances. It is a soapy liquid substance that is sprayed over the crackseal material to prevent the crackseal from sticking to tires. This application is used when we are not able to keep traffic off of the lot on days that temperatures are 50 degrees or higher.


Parking Lot Paving - Sealcoat in Wheatridge, CO
Sealcoating is a highly effective way to substantially reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of your pavement, and can be a great alternative to more costly pavement replacement. Over time, an unprotected asphalt surface will gradually lose it's rich, black color due to oxidation and weathering. With so many days of sunshine, the asphalt dries up and the asphalt binder begins to disappear from the surface of the parking lot. When the color of the aggregate used in the asphalt mix begins to appear, it is time to sealcoat!


The first step is cleaning the parking lot with a wire broom and high-powered blowers. This will assure a long lasting sealcoat application. Much care is taken to assure that no dirt or contaminate is left to come between the sealer and the asphalt.
Parking Lot Sweeping - Sealcoat Services in Wheat Ridge, CO

Treating Oil Spots

Parking Lot Oil Spits - Sealcoat Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
Areas that are saturated with oil from leaky vehicles are treated with specialized formula called TarLoc, so the sealcoat will adhere to the surface.

Cutting In

After the parking lot is thoroughly cleaned and the oil spots are sealed, all the edges are ‘cut in' by hand, using a squeegee, to assure a detailed finished product.

This process takes time and expertise that comes from quality training and years of experience. Good craftsmanship ‘cutting in' can be the difference between a good job and a great job!
Cutting In - Sealcoat Services in Wheat Ridge, CO

First Spray

Coaltar/Asphalt Emulsion - Sealcoat Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
Foothills Paving & Maintenance Inc. uses a heavy duty Coaltar/Asphalt Emulsion blend sealer with recommended additives and fine mesh sand for traction and durability that meets or exceeds Federal Spec #RP-335D.

Second Spray

Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc. applies two coats of sealer, which sets us apart from our competitors. This process is recommended by all manufacturers of sealcoat material. The two-coat system has been proven to add durability and life to the surface, adding value for our customers. It also gives the parking lot or driveway a pleasing appearance.
Sealer - Sealcoat Services in Wheat Ridge, CO


Concrete Flatwork - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
We specialize in all phases of concrete flatwork. This includes repairs of damaged concrete and sealing of cracks. We also install new concrete.


All subgrade excavation, compaction, formwork, placement of mesh or rebar is done prior to the arrival of the concrete mix. After preparing the subgrade, forms are placed around the area where the concrete is to be poured.
Subgrade Excavation - Concrete Work in Wheat Ridge, CO


Concrete Pouring - Concrete Pour in Wheat Ridge, CO
Concrete is poured either directly in place using the chute attached to the truck or with wheelbarrows, buggies or pumps if the location is out of reach of the concrete truck's chute. Foothills Paving and Maintenance uses only 4,500 PSI Concrete with fibermesh. This is the highest quality concrete available.


Concrete is then consolidated, compacting fresh concrete to mold it within the forms and around embedded items. After concrete is consolidated, it is leveled by drawing a lumber or metal straightedge (called a ‘screed') across the surface, to fill in any low spots or voids as well as to reduce any high spots, bringing the top surface to proper grade. A straight edge is advanced across the concrete with a sawing movement
Concrete Screeding - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO


Bullfloating - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
Bullfloating eliminates high and low spots and embeds large aggregate particles immediately after strikeoff. This looks like a long-handled straight edge pulled across the concrete. It also levels and prepares the surface for further finishing. Concrete only needs to be troweled when necessary for ... Read more


Edge concrete when required. Use the edging tool to obtain durable rounded edges.
Concrete Edging - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO


Concrete Jointing - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
Jointing is necessary to control unsightly random cracks, as cracks will follow the joints, as they are the weakest part of the concrete structure. Contraction joints are made with a hand groover or by inserting strips of plastic, wood, metal or preformed joint material into the unhardened concrete.... Read more


A broom finish of the concrete gives the surface texture that prevents a slick surface. This is done using a coarse or fine push-broom. This is done when the concrete has thoroughly hardened, enough to retain the scoring impression.
Concrete Texture - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO


Concrete Curing - Concrete Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
After concrete is placed, a necessary moisture content and temperature (between 50 and 75 degrees F) must be maintained, a process called curing. This is vital to the quality of the concrete. A defective curing process effects durability, strength, watertightness, abrasion resistance, volume stability and resistance
After concrete is placed, a necessary moisture content and temperature (between 50 and 75 degrees F) must be maintained, a process called curing. This is vital to the quality of the concrete. A defective curing process effects durability, strength, watertightness, abrasion resistance, volume stability and resistance to freezing and thawing deicer salts. Curing aids in the chemical reaction called hydration. Loss of water by evaporation will delay or prevent hydration. If evaporation is prevented or reduced, good curing is likely within the first few days after the concrete is placed.


Paving - Paving Services in Wheat Ridge, CO
Foothills Paving & Maintenance, Inc. specializes in the installation of new asphalt paving for commercial and multi-family parking lots, HOA roadways and driveways of all sizes. Call us today for a FREE quote on your new paving.

Petromat & Overlay

If you have a solid existing asphalt lot or driveway that has enough wear that sealcoating reflective crackingis no longer an option, then we can install a 2″ asphalt overlay with petromat to prevent reflective cracking.

Full-Depth Patching

Areas that have become damaged beyond infrared repair or have sub-grade damage, will require full depth patching by removing and replacing the asphalt.

Removal & Replacement

There comes a time in the lifecycle of a paved lot that there is so much damage that the entire asphalt mat must be removed and replaced with brand new asphalt pavement. We can sawcut, breakout, remove, haul away and dispose of your old, worn out asphalt mat at an approved recycle facility and install fresh, new asphalt for you in its place. Is it time for your asphalt?



  • Most versatile pavement treatment system available
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Extends life of existing pavement by protecting it from oxidation and deterioration
  • Provides a durable, all-weather, dust-free, non-bleeding surface
  • Ready for use just hours after application
  • Improves skid resistance and road handling characteristics without hazardous loose chips
  • Fills cracks, voids and provides black color and texture in a single pass
  • Economical solution to preserving problem pavements
  • Can be applied to any paved surface, new or old, without tackcoating or rolling.